Portsea rescue quad


Portsea rescue quad is a Yamaha Kodiak 700 all terrain vehicle.
Powered by the new high torque MK II 686cc engine – and featuring a compact chassis with a plush seat for day-long riding comfort – this extraordinary worker can carry a 140kg payload plus rider, and tow up to 600kg.
The smooth-running Ultramatic® CVT transmission and 2WD/4WD mechanical system make this ATV ideal for towing and all day work.

Portsmouth and Southsea Voluntary Lifeguards, use this vehicle primarily to launch and recover the RWC from the beach and manoeuvre the trailers on the promenade.
It can also be used to conduct beach patrols or gain acess quickly to areas of the beach that are far away.
It is not road legal so does not get used on the road however this piece of equipment is invaluable for off road use.

Drivers and crew

  • We insist that any user of the quad have a full driving licence in category b (cars) although operation are off road
  • 2 crew can carried on-board however we usually operate single crewed

Costs and maintenance

  • Portsmouth lifeguards got this vehicle donated from freshwater lifeboat on the Isle of Wight who purchased it to launch their RWC’s but it could not be used effectively. we now run and maintain this vehicle solely
  • To replace the ATV would cost around £8,500.
  • The annual maintenance costs are around £500.
  • Annual running cost are around £300


Portsea eescue quad is kept in our HQ boathouse alongside the RWC.
It is ready for immediate deployment on the beach at all times.

Quick facts

  • Full spec professional utility ATV
  • Power 686cc 50HC 4-stroke high-torque engine
  • The most durable ATV transmission on the marlet
  • On the fly driver selectable wheel drive system
  • Large cooling capacity to stow or tow cargo
  • Professional capacity to tow or stow cargo
  • Self & Buddy rescue with standard winch
  • Low maintenance hybrid stopping power
  • Comfortable and terrain capable suspension
  • Less fatigue and more precise handling by EPS
  • Yamaha quality with high reliability

That’s why your donation is crucial in Keeping us operational and saving lifes we thank you.