Lifesaving information

Portsmouth Lifeguards is committed to providing water and lifesaving advice to the whole community. This page has information available to you, with some basic lifesaving techniques both in and out of the water and some information you might find useful when visiting a lifeguarded beach.

Basic lifesaving techniques

Our goal as a club is to save lives and educate the public.
Here are some videos and articles on basic lifesaving techniques.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency procedure consisting of chest compressions.
In the video below it will show you what to do if such an event should occur.

Choking – Adult & Child

Choking is when a persons airway becomes blocked and they cannot breathe normally, it can be a life threatening situation.
Below is a video showing what to do if this situation should occur.

Recovery Position

The recovery position is used when a casualty is unconscious and they are breathing normally with no other life threatening injuries.
The video below demonstrates the recovery position.

Local flags

At lifeguarded beaches, you will see flags up.
It’s important to know what the flags mean, as they can indicate whether it’s safe to go in the water or not, and which activity it is safe to do, and where.
If you’re ever unsure, talk to one of our lifeguards.