HQ & Storage

Did you know that PSVL actually have 3 locations for our operations?

vehicle 4


Our headquarters on Southsea Seafront, is located next to The Briny restaurant on Clarence Esplanade between the Pyramids centre and South Parade Pier.
The station has moved position a few times since 1933, but has always maintained watch in the same vicinity west of South Parade Pier.
To make room for the build of the Pyramids, Portsmouth City Council asked us to relocate and offered a deck chair shelter to be converted for us to house our equipment and watch.
In 1986, our HQ conversion was completed and it was officially opened as a temporary build for the next 20 years. 36 years later we are still here in the same building!
Although plans have been made more recently to rebuild and even relocate in the same area, the council have rejected our plans sighting us taking too much green space.

Costs and maintenance

  • In 2016 we had our operations room refurbished fitting new cupboards, kitchen, heating system and updating VHF radios and installing AIS systems.
    We also had a new tough tiled floor laid.
  • In 2018, we had our HQ structurally surveyed and with some repairs to the roof and a full re-clad to the outside and had new roller shutters fitted to the front and boat house door installed to make it more secure.
  • To replace rebuild the HQ would cost £80,000
  • The annual maintenance costs are around £5000
  • Annual running costs are £6000
poly vehicle
poly vehicle 2


Our polytunnels are located at Fort Cumberland in the Marsden Shed.
Unfortunately, due to the size of our HQ and the support to not have a new HQ that would house us, we are unable to store our rescue boat and vehicles in our HQ.
Since 1997 we have had the need to have a storage area to store our boat and we have been storing it in Fort Cumberland since this time.
We have been moved into different locations within this time, majority of time we have been unsheltered and have had a boat cover to try and protect our equipment.
In 2019 with the expansion of the distillery at Fort Cumberland, we were asked if we could relocate into the Marsden shed.
Without a protective shelter this would have not been possible due to the birds nesting in the roof and the insecurity of roof ties.
It was agreed that we could construct polytunnels inside to protect our equipment and store our equipment there and so in May the tunnels were erected and our rescue boat, vehicles, RWC 2 and trailers are all stored here and remain ready for immediate use.

Costs and maintenance

  • We used a DFT grant to purchase the polytunnels.
    The project cost £18,000 and Portsmouth Lifeguards contributed 10% of this.
  • To replace both tunnels would cost £20,000
  • To re-cover a polytunnel would cost £5000 per tunnel
  • Annual rental at Fort Cumberland costs are £15,000 per year
first aid room


Our first aid facility on Southsea Seafront, is located next to our HQ in The Briny restaurant building. Originally, the first aid room was built into the restaurant, then known as Rocksbys restaurant on the seaward side and was operated by St Johns Ambulance. In the early 2000’s, Portsmouth city council officially asked PSVL to cover the first aid provision having sole use of the room. In 2016, when The Briny bought and took over the restaurant, as part of a complete renovation of the restaurant, we agreed that the first aid room could be moved to the side, to make closer access for any ambulance. This new first aid room provides a sheltered, private area to be able to carry out first aid treatments. Costs and maintenance.

Costs and maintenance

  • The annual maintenance costs are around £1000
  • Annual running costs are £3000