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portsea rescue 1
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Portsea Rescue 1 is a 6.8 metre rigid inflatable boat (RIB) built by boat builders Ribcraft, in Yeovil, Somerset.
It was built in 2016 and first launched into service, May 2017. Designed with all-weather performance in mind, the RIBCRAFT 6.8 PRO provides unmatched handling in steep chop, large rollers, and breaking seas.
The 6.8’s offshore hull design makes it ideal for applications requiring speed and manoeuvrability, regardless of the conditions.
Portsea Rescue 1, has been specifically adapted to conform to the rescue boat code and is a declared facility by Portsmouth Lifeguards to HM Coastguard allowing tasking direct via 999 calls.
It is capable of self righting should the worse happen, maintaining crew safety and carries on board a range of lifesaving medical equipment and gear designed to save lives at sea.


It is powered by 2 Suzuki 140hp 4 stroke outboard engines, capable of reaching 47 knots (54 Mph).
The Suzuki’s not only provide an incredible top speed but deliver excellent torque for when towing stricken craft.
They use Suzuki “lean burn” technology which importantly makes them very fuel efficient and more eco friendly as the club strives to cut it’s emissions.
With twin 100 litre fuel tanks, Portsea Rescue 1 has a range of around 30 hours (weather dependent) allowing it to carry out longer operations and travel outside of it’s patrol area.


Portsea Rescue 1 is normally crewed by 3 persons during routine patrol and rescue but can carry more:

  • 1 x Coxswain (Helmsman) – Qualified minimum to RYA advanced powerboat level and passed in-house training course adapted to suit SAR operations.
  • 1 x Qualified (Crew 1) – Qualified to RYA Powerboat level 3, passed in-house training course and be first aid qualified.
  • 1 x Second Crew – Could be qualified or unqualified but must be over the age of 16 and passed the club fitness test and boat induction.

Cost and Running

Portsmouth Lifeguards used a DFT grant to purchase Portsea Rescue 1 in 2016 costing over £150,000 however the club did contribute 10%.

  • To replace Portsea Rescue 1 we would need around £200,000.
  • Annual maintenance cost us around £15,000 per year.
  • Annual running costs are £5000 per year.


Unfortunately, our HQ boathouse is not big enough to house Portsea Rescue 1, so it is kept at our storage facility at Fort Cumberland.
Here we have 2 large polytunnels to house some of our larger assets, maintaining a safe and secure place free from the adverse weather conditions.
This means that Portsea Rescue 1 get’s road towed to the slipway for launch and recovered to it’s trailer after use.

Quick Stats of Portsea Rescue 1

  • Overall length 6.8m.
  • Overall beam 2.7m.
  • Internal length 5.4m.
  • Internal beam 1.7m.
  • Weight 1700KGS.
  • Tube diameter 530mm.
  • Horsepower 280.
  • Maximum people 13.
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