As a voluntary lifeguard service, we rely solely on your kind donations to run and maintain our services. Your support and any donation, is very much appreciated and will help us to continue to save lives.

Christmas Day Dip COVID Guidance

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Firstly Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far for the PSVL Christmas Day Dip 2021. All those who have filled in an online form will now have received a confirmation email along with their allocated band number which will be given to you on the day of the dip. If you have filled in the form and not received this email, please contact us.

The current COVID guidance issued by the government permits small outdoor events to continue as usual, such as the Christmas Day Dip. This means that you will not be required to show your COVID pass in order to be at or take part in the event. As a club however, we would politely ask that if you find yourself in a crowded area or nearby our headquarters that you put on a facemask for the protection of others. 

We are limiting the numbers of people taking part in the dip to a maximum of 50 people, with each wave of people entering the water limited to 10. There are usually large numbers of crowds that gather on the beach. While this is an outside event where the risk is reduced, we would still urge people on the side of caution and try keep as much space between others as possible. 

​We hope you have a great day and Thanks again for all your support.