RWC Trailer 

RWC trailer

Our beach launch RWC trailer was specifically designed and built by Dutch company Vanclaes in 2017.
The trailer was built using their customary stainless steel chassis and firm rollers allowing easy rolling of the RWC.
A winch is fitted to the front allowing the RWC to be winched on in surf and the wheels have been designed with tyres to suit, to allow easy rolling in the deep shingle and steeply shelving beach we have.
The bearings are filled with oil and sealed bearings, not conventional grease which means they last constantly being launched into and recovered out of the water, instead of grease being washed away destroying the bearings.
Finally the trailer features sealed LED lighting allowing the versatility of this continuing to be road legal should we require it to be road towed to other sites.

Costs and maintenance

  • To replace this trailer would cost £5,000 in total.
  • Annual maintenance is £1,000 a year.