Portsea rescue mobile 1

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Portsea rescue mobile 1 is a 2018 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DI-D SG-5.
This is a very versatile vehicle and caters for our needs specifically for operations in the club, with the primary focus of carrying out lifeguard duties and winching the RWC up the beach.

Capable of seating 7 crew in comfort, excellent off-road capability alongside a 3500KG tow limit, also shares towing our rescue boat, this vehicle really does tick all the boxes.
Portsea Rescue Mobile 1 was purchased brand new, direct from Fownhope Mitsubishi in Hereford, in late 2018.
At the beginning of 2018, it was announced that Mitsubishi were no longer building the Shogun and this particular vehicle was the last one for sale in the UK! This vehicle now works alongside our other vehicle, Portsea Rescue Mobile 2.
Although this was purchased as a standard vehicle, Mitsubishi agreed to do the modifications required to be at the spec for us.
The modifications were completed in house by Dan Dobson at Fownhope Mitsubishi, who did a fantastic job!

Portsea Rescue mobile 1 is capable of winching up to 9500ibs, it is fitted with 360 degree rescue and warning lights, it has all terrain tyres and a roof rack capable of transporting goods on the roof.
This vehicle is also set ready to be deployed in an emergency and is registered with the emergency services to transport crews in adverse weather during times of snow etc.
Portsea Rescue Mobile carries a first responder kit, Oxygen administration and a defibrillator at all times.
The seats can also be collapsed to allow for a stretcher with a casualty to be recovered off-road and brought up to a road ambulance.
It also provides sheltered first aid or lifesaving actions.

Drivers and crew

  • Obviously, it goes without saying, that our drivers are all required to have a full driving licence.
  • On top of this, they must have completed an in-house training session and passed the assessment so we are confident in the driver’s ability.
  • They must also be added to the club insurance, usually this means they have to be 25years old or over and declare any driving offences.
  • When towing our rescue boat, drivers must have a B+E category on their driving licence and pass an additional assessment with the club and continuous training.
  • Portsea Rescue Mobile 1 is capable of carrying upto 7 passengers with the use of rear seats but normally operates with a maximum of 5.

Costs and maintenance

  • Portsmouth Lifeguards used a DFT grant to purchase Portsea Rescue Mobile 1 in 2018 costing over £68,000 fully kitted. However the club did contribute 10%.
  • To replace Mobile 1 new would cost around £70,000. (Mitsubishi no longer sell this vehicle in the UK so another vehicle make/model would have to be sourced).
  • The annual maintenance costs are around £1,850.
  • Running costs are £3,000.


Unfortunately, our HQ boathouse is not big enough to house our vehicles, so it is kept at our storage facility at Fort Cumberland alongside our rescue boat.
Here we have 2 large polytunnels to house some of our larger assets, maintaining a safe and secure place free from the adverse weather conditions.
This means that Portsea Rescue Mobile is always ready to deploy alongside our rescue boat.

Quick facts

  • manufactured by Mitsubishi in Japan
  • 5-door wagon body type
  • 4×4 full-time (SS4-II Super Select all-wheel drive permanent with centre planetary differential
  • 33/67 torque split, up to 50/50 (via viscous coupling unit)
  • rear wheel drive mode
  • lock mode
  • 1.90/1 transfer case
  • 5 Speed automatic gearbox
  • diesel fuel engine with displacement: 3200 cm3 / 195.3 cui
  • advertised power: 147 kW / 197 hp / 200 PS ( ECE )
  • torque: 441 Nm / 325 lb-ft
  • characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4385 mm / 172.6 in, width: 1875 mm / 73.8 in, wheelbase: 2545 mm / 100.2 in
  • top speed: 180 km/h (112 mph) (declared by factory)
  • acceleration: 0- 60 mph 9.2© s

That’s why your donation is crucial in Keeping us operational and saving lifes we thank you.