Portsea rescue 1 trailer

boat on trailer
Portsea trailer empty

Portsea rescue 1 road trailer was built by Dutch company Vanclaes in 2016 and supplied by Steve from South London Trailer Centre.
We ordered this trailer after exploring many different types over the years of owning rescue boats and the features of this trailer were second to none of any other.
We have an electric winch fitted to aid crews with recovery back onto the trailer and have a walk board fitted on the chassis to help with maintenance and boarding the boat on trailer.
This trailer features the GYRO roller system which is a roller system that fully automatically follows the hull shape of the boat.
The large flexible wheels turn effortlessly with the complex shape of the boat and offer a very constant support exactly where the boat needs it.
Thanks to the built-in tilting system, the boat rolls smoothly in and out of the water without the need for having the wheels and bearings into the water, ensuring life and less maintenance required.
Using sealed, oil filled bearings and disc brakes, allows this trailer to have an extended life on these usual problematic parts.
This means there is no grease to be washed away from the bearings in the water and with the use of disc brakes, water does not enter and sit in the drums allowing quick dry time and ensures longevity of the braking system.
Vanclaes uses stainless steel to offer optimum protection against corrosion and rust.
Vanclaes opts for stainless steel instead of galvanizing, because stainless steel is much lighter than galvanized steel, around 25% is saved in these trailers compared to galvanized trailers. In addition, stainless steel also offers superior rust protection in the event of damage, as it is like new after repair and a simple cleaning turn.
Stainless steel is therefore rightly called a premium steel grade.

Better suited for saltwater!

Costs and maintenance

  • To replace this trailer would cost us £12,500.
  • Annual maintenance is £2,000 a year..